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Fulfill your Wildest Dream, your own
personalized 1967/1968 Ford Mustang!
Configure one of the most popular
U.S. classic cars according to your own wishes
by means of the world’s first
classic "Mustang Configurator".

FROM 79,900 EUR*
From the founding of V8 Werk it has been our goal to provide you with the highest quality, most transparent and most manageable restoration services possible. To demonstrate the various options for personalizing your vehicle, we have created the “Mustang Configurator”, which provides you with a detailed overview of the costs and possibilities available for the Mustang of your Wildest Dreams! The Configurator serves as a basic guide for this purpose. Of course there are many more special options upon your request. We will be glad to discuss the many possibilities with you in a personal one on one meeting. Now let’s start building your Dream Mustang!
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The Mustang
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79,900 EUR*
own Fastback

Use the Mustang you already own as the Base body.**
+ 0 EUR
Fastback "C/J - Code"

We will see to the restoration Base body,
Advantage: no risk for you.
+ 24.900 EUR
Fastback "S - Code"

A rare S-Code Fastback is used as Base body,
Advantage: maximum value preservation.
+ 34.900 EUR

Including the following components


    • GT fog lights
    • GT stripes (laminated)
    • Emblems/labelling according to manufacturer requirement 1967/68
    • Bodywork reinforcement of TCP (subframe connectors)


    • Bonding of Gladen insulation mats
    • Interior in vehicle colour
    • Dashboard insert in black if Deluxe Interior is not selected
    • Cable tree American AutoWire
    • Classic Instruments
    • 15“ GT Performance wooden steering wheel (hardwood)
    • 4x lap straps
    • OBD socket (depending on engine choice) in the glove compartment

    • Screws and small parts are galvanised in blue (silver optics)
    • Axle parts are black powder-coated wherever technically possible
    • Wheel houses are equipped with black rock fall safeguard
    • Undercarriage is painted red oxide(matte)
    • Booth and engine compartment are painted black (matte)
    • Handover upon acceptance according to Sec. 21 StVZO
      (German Road Traffic Regulations)
    • Sec. 23 StVZO (H-license plate) can be issued depending on equipment
* Non-binding online calculation. Prices in euro incl. 19% VAT.

** The Fastback you already own is complete with the essential components. The vehicle condition matches a rating of <4 according to Classic Data. The total price is subject to inspection results after dismantling and paint stripping of the car body.

We continuously optimize our offers and therefore reserve the right to modify specified equipment characteristics, specifications, colors, prices, etc.


About Mustang

Since its premiere in 1964, the Ford Mustang has been the epitome of the rebellious, affordable and practical sports car. The original concept – long hood, short deck lid, low weight and a sporty appearance – was particularly appealing to the up and coming youth buyer of the mid 1960s. The Mustang owes its name to the P51 Mustang, one of the most brilliant pursuit planes of World War II.

The agile vehicle, which was based on the successful Ford Falcon, established a vehicle class of its own – the Pony Car Class. The novel design and performance of the Mustang, in combination with a clever image campaign, has secured the Mustang its place as the pioneer in this class since day one.

Initially, the Ford Mustang was only available as a coupé or as a convertible and was equipped standard with a 6-cylinder engine. In addition, a V8 engine was available in two different sizes (260 ci and later 289 ci).

The development of the Ford Mustang progressed quickly. In 1965, a third body style, the popular Fastback, hit the market.

In the subsequent years, the Mustang evolved with larger dimensions, and higher capacity engines with more horse power. From 1967 onward, the Mustang was offered with a 6.4-litre engine (390 FE) termed the "S Code" – it was the first big block motor available in a Mustang. A 428-ci Mustang Cobra Jet was to follow in 1968 as the "R" Code.

Steve McQueen made the 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback GT 390 famous (and infamous) in a spectacular car chase in the movie "Bullitt".

Yet, even without this movie scene, the classic Mustang would have made it easily as one of the most well-known icons of automobile history. Today, it is one of the most sought-after cars by collectors worldwide.

Market price developments, especially for the 1967/68 Ford Mustang Fastback (with the big block engine) has steadily risen each year. Accordingly, the price for high quality restored vehicles has nearly doubled in the past 6 years.
Source: https://www.hagerty.com/apps/valuationtools/1967-Ford-Mustang-GT?id=9697

About Us

The V8 Werk in Altenberg (Saxony) is staffed with a young team of experts for the quality restoration of classic U.S. cars. Modern tools and a newly built 4500 square foot workshop offer the optimal conditions for quality workmanship. We are specialize in Ford Mustangs and first generation Corvettes.

We devote our attention and passion to the restoration of the Great American Muscle car with an eye for preserving details true to original designs. We aim for historic authenticity combined with exacting customization, integrating modern components to improve the driving experience of each vehicle we put our hands to. Our goal is to provide for our customer’s needs and comfort in the areas of style, drivability and performance. Furthermore, the V8 Werk offers comprehensive services such as maintenance and servicing, accident repairs, vehicle overhauls, along with the import as well as registration of American vehicles.

The V8 Werk evolved out of our own enthusiasm and experiences with U.S. cars. We look at things from our customer’s point of view. We understand your goals and your dreams.

The corner stones of our philosophy are, therefore:

  • - High standard of quality
  • - Calculable costs
  • - Diligent advising and project planning
  • - Reliable schedule assurances
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